Jezebel Jones

Local rebel channels contrarian spirit on debut LP

Stephanie Colgan

Jezebel Jones grew up in northern Minnesota in a strict Pentecostal home with no TV, so she definitely had something to rebel against. And rebel she has. After a few years honing her craft on the Twin Cities coffeehouse circuit, she’s channeled her contrarian spirit into a first album, Queen of the Devil’s Rodeo. Sung in a folksy, countrified style that’s been dubbed “neo-twang,” the album (recorded with her band, Jezebel Jones and Her Wicked Ways) contains 12 wry, darkly ironic story songs about everything from God’s apparent reluctance to help pay her bills, to Jones’s disappointment at not being raptured away from all her troubles here on Earth. Fortunately, she’s stuck here with the rest of us heathens, who are doomed to sing and laugh and sin for as long as it takes to get it right.