Jeremy Messersmith's Heart Murmurs

The latest album from the Minneapolis-based musician has landed.

Jeremy Messersmith
Photo by Eliesa Johnson
Last year, local singer-songwriter Jeremy Messersmith made music news by signing with New York's Glassnote Records, the label that brought you Mumford & Sons' Sigh No More. This month, Messersmith releases his long-awaited fourth album, Heart Murmurs, which could very well be his national breakout moment. Unlike his last full record, 2010's The Reluctant Graveyard, the new disc is a collection of love songs—but they're by no means silly. The emotional terrain here is one of complications and paradoxes broken up by the occassional epiphany, all delivered in a lush, sophisticated package of pop perfection.

"These songs are really about the kind of love I aspire to," says Messersmith. 

The first track off of Heart Murmurs is a catchy little number called "Tourniquet"—a love song that involves some bleeding. Check it out: