The Walker Art Center's Movies & Music Series

The Walker Art Center kicks off its Movies & Music series.

The Walker Art Center's  Movies & Music Series

For those who can’t retreat to a lake cabin (and even for some who can), the best reason to stay in town during August is to catch the Walker Art Center’s Movies & Music nights, which have become a beloved tradition downtown. Every Monday from July 30–Aug. 20, music and movie nights kick into gear at about 7 pm with live music by bands that are often so good it’s hard to believe the event is free. The movie starts at dusk, at about 8:45 pm, and the evening wraps up at about 10:30 pm, just in time for a nightcap.

Every year the season has a loose theme. This year’s theme is “In Dreams,” and the lineup looks like this:

July 30

Music: The Minneapolis trio Night Moves won City Pages’ 2012 Best New Band Award on the strength of its superior musicianship and the originality of its psycho-country songwriting.

Movie: Spellbound, Alfred Hitchcock’s classic psychological thriller, stars Ingrid Bergman as a psychologist in a mental institution who must separate dream from reality in a patient who has amnesia.

Aug. 6

Music: Afro-pop superstar Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi, one of Zimbabwe’s most popular musicians, has recorded 57 albums, and he isn’t done yet.

Movie: The surreal screwball comedy Artists and Models, starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, is about a man who dreams in the genre of violent comics. The film also features a young Shirley MacLaine as the Bat Lady.

Aug. 13

Music: Rogue Valley, led by singer/songwriter Chris Koza, recorded four albums last year (one for each season). The band’s layered, melodic sound is perfect background music for a midsummer picnic.

Movie: The City of Lost Children is a surreal French film about a scientist who kidnaps children to steal their dreams, in the hope that it will prevent him from aging.

Aug. 20

Music: Local favorite Brute Heart usually performs as a trio, but for this special show the group will expand its lineup to add depth and breadth to its primal psychedelic chamber pop.

Movie: A silent film made in 1920, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is a German expressionist masterpiece. For this showing, the Walker has commissioned Brute Heart to play a haunting new score for the movie.

All performances begin at 7 pm in Minneapolis’s Loring Park, except for Aug. 20, which is a special performance at the Walker’s Open Field that begins at 8:45 pm.