Cynthia Hopkins

Weird, but Wonderful

Photo by Ian Douglas


Performance artist and musician Cynthia Hopkins is one of the most idiosyncratic and original artists working today. Pulling from a wide variety of idioms and disciplines—film, performance, folk music, science, memoir, theater—her work often looks like a madcap tapestry of fictional characters and intertwining narratives that all somehow coalesce into something extraordinary and, dare we say it, important.


This time out, in a full-length piece called This Clement World, Hopkins takes on the looming specter of climate change. Part Arctic film documentary, part spiritual revival (there’s an eight-person choir), part theatrical commentary, the work follows an actual trip Hopkins took to the Arctic, and it asks one of the most pressing questions in history: Can human beings possibly survive their own folly? And if so, how? March 7–9. Walker Art Center, 612-375-7600,