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Photographer Wing Young Huie creates a community of his own

Wing Young Huie
The Third Place
Photographer Wing Young Huie’s approach to showing his work has always been a bit unconventional. Street corners, bus stops, storefront windows—these places are his gallery.

So when Huie decided to move his studio to a new location on Chicago Avenue last spring, he was determined to create more than just another gallery space. Inspired in part by the interaction and energy he experienced as one of the featured artists at Northern Spark, an all-night arts festival held at locations throughout the Twin Cities in June, Huie decided to bring that spirit indoors. “This is something I’ve been thinking about for years,” says Huie. “After Lake Street [in 2000], I started thinking about what I really wanted to do besides being a photographer.” His new space, which he named The Third Place, represents the fruition of that idea. It’s not just a gallery—it’s a communal space organized around art.

A sociological term, “third place” connotes a gathering spot, outside of home and work, where people can hang out and interact. To get people in the door on a regular basis, Huie holds monthly gatherings featuring salon-style discussions with such local artists as writer Ed Bok Lee, musician and scholar Dan Gilbert, and painters Barbara Kreft and Kimberly Benson. Oh, and there’s ping pong and karaoke downstairs.

“The value of art is often thought of in terms of exclusivity, while the value of what I do is about accessibility,” says Huie. “Third Place fit exactly what I wanted to do.” The Third Place, 3730 Chicago Ave. S., Ste. B, Mpls., 612-817-2771,