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Play it Again

A new show at the Minnesota History Center has us feeling nostalgic for the toys of our youth, especially the ones made here.

Toys made in Minnesota
Photo by Caitlin Abrams

No. 1

Cootie (1949) by W.H. "Herb" Schaper, Robbinsdale

No. 2

Twister (1966) by Reyn Guyer, St. Paul

No. 3

Barrel of Monkeys (1965) by Jack Elias, Minneapolis

No. 4

Gumby and Pokey—the toys (1965) by Lakeside Signs and Toys, Minneapolis

No. 5

Nerf (1969) by Reyn Guyer/Winsor Concepts, St. Paul

No. 6

Pound Puppies (1984) by Tonka Toys

No. 7

Tonka Trucks (1947) by Lynn Baker, Avery F. Crounse, Alvin F. Tesch, Russell Wenkstern, and Charlie Groschen; Mound

No. 8

Groovy Girl (1998) by Manhattan Toy, Edina

No. 9

Rollerblades (1983) by Scott Olson and Brennan Olson, Minneapolis