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Fit to Print

Three Jerome Printmaking Fellows show the fruit of their nine-month artistic labor.

Highpoint Center for Printmaking
Image courtesy of Jonas Criscoe and Highpoint Center for Printmaking

Each year for the past decade, Highpoint Center for Printmaking has hosted three Jerome residents. All Minnesota-based emerging artists, the fellows learn, create, get critiqued, and ultimately help curate a show of new work. Later this month, 2012–13 residents Caitlin Warner, David Frohlich, and Jonas Criscoe deliver on that last facet in the Jerome Emerging Printmakers Exhibition.

Warner and Frohlich, both graduates of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, share little in common besides their alma mater. Frohlich combines screenprinting and mixed media to illuminate the otherwise invisible (think processes within the body), while Warner takes a more whimsical approach. She is retrofitting vending machines that will dispense art—screenprints, miniature books, small boxes with secrets inside—to gallery visitors. Criscoe’s work is different from both of them; he explores assemblage and collage techniques (above) and playfully blends geometric and natural shapes.

Carla McGrath, Highpoint’s executive director, says that cross-pollination of distinct aesthetic and technical approaches is part of what makes the residency valuable. “Their work is all very different, but they do interface with each other and the 25 other artists who are here. . . . They end up benefitting from being around others and being exposed to new ideas.” Opens May 24. Highpoint Center for Printmaking, 912 W. Lake St., Mpls., 612-871-1326,