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Minnesota Museum of American Art

After three years in limbo, the Minnesota Museum of American Art finally has a new space—for now.

Minnesota Museum of American Art
Photo by Paul Shambroom
MMAA director Kristin Makholm

For the past three years, the Minnesota Museum of American Art has been a museum without a home. But that changed in June, when it was announced that the museum will take up temporary residence this fall in the Pioneer-Endicott Building at 4th and Robert streets in downtown St. Paul.

To survive its homelessness, the museum toured art from its collection to arts venues around the state. In the meantime, Kristin Makholm, the director, curator, and for a year the only full-time staffer of the MMAA, had time to reconsider the museum’s place in the St. Paul arts ecosystem.

“We are in an enviable position to be able to bring the zeitgeist into the formation of our new space,” says Makholm. In keeping with current trends at museums around the country, Makholm sees the new MMAA as a museum with “porous walls” that will allow local artists and members of the community to influence the shape and form of what happens within. Initially, the space—at 3,700 square feet—will be more akin to a gallery, but the museum plans to open a larger permanent space in 2015.

The MMAA’s inaugural show, Painting the Place Between, will feature four contemporary Minnesota landscape painters or painters who get their inspiration from the land. In the meantime, the museum continues its summer Patio Nights series with three dates in August.