World Cup 2014

From where to watch to what to watch for, here's your comprehensive guide to enjoying World Cup 2014 in the Twin Cities.

World Cup 2014 at the Nomad World Pub in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
We decided the best way to learn how to properly watch the World Cup was to watch a game with the pros . . . Literally.

The World Cup's all about community, so use this guide of the best spots in the Twin Cities for watching it to make sure you're not cheering alone.

Ever wonder how the world gets from 203 teams in June 2011 to one on July 13, 2014? Here's your answer.

Sao Paulo stadium
More than 200 teams entered qualification and only 32 made the actual World Cup. Here are their stories.

The most famous US player maybe ever, Landon Donovan, didn't even make the squad. How does a team with a staggering 15 first time World Cuppers and a German coach stack up?

Some of the preeminent sports celebrities on the planet come from the ranks of international soccer. Consider this your cheat sheet to the 11 biggest names in world soccer right now.

Really want to enjoy watching the "beautiful game" but keep getting bogged down in its lexicon and nuance? We've got you covered.