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60 Reasons To Get Out Of The House

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Winter Adventures with Garrison Keillor

“I grew up along the Mississippi and when the ice froze, whether it was smooth or rough, we took a toboggan and made a mast with a painter’s drop cloth half wound around it for a sail and flopped on the toboggan and hoisted the mast and let out some sail and if there was any wind, we took off at high speed. It was fairly terrifying, or exhilarating, or both, and so was the steep drop of a sledding hill that shot you halfway across the river. We could while away a whole winter afternoon doing that, and then I was 13 and too old for it. I didn’t have so much fun again until 1987 when I went up north and drove a snowmobile for the first time. Raced through birch woods and fell in with a drinking crowd and stood outdoors in -30 [degree] weather drinking cognac and singing bawdy songs and I followed the others to a sauna where a dozen of us sat naked in a small hut with hot rocks. All that flesh wedged in tight, men and women, slippery with sweat, and then someone yelled, and we tumbled out into the snow in the moonlight, and went back in. A sensual but asexual experience. And afterward a sleeping bag on a motel room floor and a deep, deep sleep.”

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