We're Lovin': iDevice House Calls

Broken iPhone? No problem.

branded smart car

Strike one: Your iPhone breaks. Strike two: It’s the dead of winter and now you need to brave icy roads to hit the lines at the Apple store—or do you? Not if you enlist the services of the Twin Cities’ new Shatter Buggy, an on-the-go Apple repair service that makes house calls. Here’s how it works: You schedule an appointment online or via phone to fix your iDevice, and for a base fee of $9.99, a trained Shatter Buggy technician hops in a Smart car and shows up wherever is most convenient for you—home, office, coffee shop, you name it. Hardware replacements for iPhones, iPads, and iPods are the company’s specialty, so though they may not be able to prevent cold weather from cracking screens, they sure can fix ’em. 612-399-9039, shatterbuggy.com