Todd About Town, April Edition

Eric Perkins with Nordy at Wild About Children
Photo by Katherine Harris
Eric Perkins with Nordy at Wild About Children

On the heels of USA Today crowning St. Paul as the most romantic getaway in North America, Visit St. Paul celebrated with VIP guests on the 22nd floor of the Crowne Plaza. As guests mingled in the hotel’s crown jewel, Windows on the River, fireworks exploded over the Mississippi in a salute to another successful Winter Carnival. The climb to the grand celebration was a bit wonky, however. Party guests, including KSTP anchors Megan Newquist and Bill Lunn, were escorted through a back kitchen and up a freight elevator to the destination. Here’s hoping that with Trumpish hotel emperor Ben Graves of Graves 601 taking over the property and turning it into InterContinental Hotel, romance will continue to blossom this spring.

Uptown continues to take page after page out of The West End’s “Success in the Suburbs” handbook. Perhaps we should rename it West End Deux or Updale. Everyone from hippies to hipsters have called this area home for decades, but recent social events in the neighborhood seem designed for another crowd. Cowboy Slim’s put on its big-boy pants and is now all grown up as Coup d’√Čtat, brought to us from the boys behind Borough. I’ll let the pros here at the mag comment on the food, but I found it odd that the men’s room on the main floor has only one toilet. Heads up, McDonald’s: Expect a long line of well-heeled suburbanites lining up to use the water closet.

Across the street at Bar Abilene (which is still kicking like a pair of boots that has been to the cobbler one too many times), Dan Riggs of Cities 97 and retired NFL player Esera Tuaolo hosted a party/fundraiser to get a new TV/Internet show off the ground. The duo describes Love It or Hate It as a local version of The Man Show. The party raised money to purchase equipment to produce the show. Bold move, guys.

See you on the scene!