75 Best Places for Kids

75 Great Places to Go & Things to Do with the Kids

Alana Bassin: Power Mom

Family: Husband David; kids Talia 8, Solomon 6, Ari 4, Judah 1; two African dwarf frogs

Lives: South Cedar Lake

Drives: Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Job: Partner at national product liability law firm Bowman and Brooke LLP

Workout: Minneapolis Jewish Community Center

Working Mom Moment: I billed (hours) the days all four of my kids were born. Litigation doesn’t stop; that’s why there aren’t many women partners.

Can’t Live Without: BlackBerry smartphone

Bedtime Routine: It takes two hours. Everyone wants a piece of me. I love that one-on-one time with each of them, but then I come downstairs to a messy house and camp forms to fill out and play dates to schedule and lunches to pack. I go to bed around 2 am.

Downtime: What downtime? At home we watch Redbox videos and play the Wii.

Dining With Kids: Rye Deli

Top Shops: Target, Target, Target. Plus Macy’s, Gap, Hot Mama, Barnes and Noble, lululemon, and Byerly’s

Weekday Dinner: Byerly’s Five Buck Cluck

Getaways: Cedar Lake beach and walking path

Kids' Parties: American Girl Store, Sky Zone, and Pump It Up

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Catherine Langer: Yogi

Family: Husband Mike; son Caden 9 ½; dog Neli

Lives: Minnetonka

Drives: VW Passat Wagon

Job: Owner of OmMotion Yoga Studio

Workout: Ashtanga yoga

Family Outings: The Arboretum, Purgatory Park, Excelsior Beach, and Welch Village Ski Hill

Top Shops: Lakewinds and Whole Foods

Weekday Dinner: Mexican veggie taco salad with black beans

Can't Live Without: Vitamix blender

Centering Mom Moment: Once in the car, Caden was getting very upset. All of a sudden he got really quiet and I thought he was sulking, but when I looked back he was practicing a qigong meditation technique with his hands . . . It’s amazing to see Caden use qigong meditation technique on his own, and he’s even used it to help his friends when they get hurt.

Downtime: Outside in nature, Minnetonka trails, and the beach

Getaways: Watching Caden swim in Lake Superior off the shore of Julian Bay

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