The Insider's Guide to Lake Minnetonka

Everything you wanted to know but didn't want to ask.

Melinda Jacobs
Melinda Jacobs enjoys the lake with her English Bulldog Walter, daughter Madeline, and husband Howard Grodnick

See and Be Seen

Where to take a meeting, broker a deal, lunch with the girls, and find Mr. Right

You have a full day of fabulousness ahead of you!

6 AM
Life Time Fitness, Minnetonka

A who’s who of cosmetic surgeons, CEOs, and attorneys. Even Tiger Woods was seen on the machines hours before playing Hazeltine.

8 AM
Starbucks, Wayzata

The highest echelons of volunteerism vie for tables with C-level execs from the big firms on the western end of Lake Street.

8:30 AM
Dunn Bros, Excelsior

On this side of the lake, it’s where business gets done. After 3 pm, wine by the glass makes planning grade school parties that much more fun.

9 AM
Lakewinds Natural Foods, Minnetonka

Enlightened eco-types shop for probiotics, kombucha, antioxidants, and other foodaceuticals du jour.

10 AM
Caribou at the Bookcase, Wayzata

The sockless loafer set, Tour de France wannabes, cardigan-sporting book clubbers, and a passel of Jack Russells own this corner of town.

11 AM
Poolside at The Lafayette Club, Minnetonka Beach

Stay-at-home moms with nannies, personal trainers, and a wardrobe of bikinis, plus the next generation of teen country clubbers practicing the airs and graces of their grandparents.

Volnay Bistro, Wayzata

A little bit of Paris, with flavorful food and a dazzling array of expensive tarts of all ages and genders.

3 PM
Bridge at Woodhill, Wayzata

The Official Preppy Handbook was first published 30 years ago, but the rules still apply.

4 PM
Lunds, Wayzata

There’s something about the parking lot that brings out the worst in neighbors. Inside the store, it’s “lovely to see you,” but outside, it’s every Lexus owner for herself. Recent Denny Hecker sightings only add to the frivolity.

5 PM
Spasso, Minnetonka

Live music nights can be raucous, but with wood-fired pizza, wine at retail prices, and Deephaven’s premier divorcees, does it matter?

5:30 PM
NorthCoast, Wayzata

Locals tend to avoid it on summer weekends, preferring weekday happy hours for good apps, an attractive crowd, and a fine view of Wayzata Bay.

6:30 PM
Lord Fletcher’s, Spring Park

The spot for tanned and lithe wharf rats and Tonka Toys (and the sugar daddies who support them) since before the days of SPF. Good burgers, wings, and onion rings are served by sweet things in Nair-worthy short shorts.

7:30 PM
Maynard’s, Excelsior

A hallowed spot for singles, swingers, and merrymakers, plus flotsam and jetsam from Big Island. The former site of Stone-wings and T. Butcherblock offers good food and drink, plus a rousing bar scene all year ’round.

9:30 PM
Bayside Grille, Excelsior

The former Mai Tai, with great live music on weekend evenings and a fun crowd of locals and outsiders lured by the Key West vibe and a breathtaking view of the sunset.

10:30 PM
The Narrows, Navarre

This is slumming, Lake Minnetonka-style, with tricked-out, Harley-riding millionaires in leather pants drinking Miller Lite, eating dirty pork stew, and listening to Lamont Cranston live.

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