Old-Fashioned Fun

Remember when games cost a quarter? Those days are here again.

  • SHUFFLEBOARD: It’s not The Love Boat, but The Herkimer does boast a shuffleboard table that’s worthy of the TV cruise ship. Beware: As fun as weighted discs can be, the bar’s impressive selection of award-winning beers is a major distraction. 2922 Lyndale Ave. S., Mpls., 612-821-0101,
  • SKEE-BALL: How about an order of bangers and mash with a side of skee-ball? Four vintage skee-ball machines are now on the menu at the recently opened Pat’s Tap. Rolling the night away with a cocktail in hand is one way to develop hand-eye coordination. 3510 Nicollet Ave., Mpls., 612-822-8216,
  • ARCADE: Bring a whole roll of quarters along for a trip to Rusty Quarters Retro Arcade & Museum. With games such as Frogger, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros., Ms. Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Centipede, you’ll want to go for the high score. 818 W. Lake St., Mpls., 612-823-0551,

Remember the days before Wii, iPhones, and Xbox? When games required a trip out of the house and a quarter, a board, or a ball? Those days are here again.