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2014 Minnesota State Fair

Stone Arch Bridge
When it comes to fine arts at the Fair, Tad thinks the "official" judges often miss the mark.

Torgerson at the State Fair
And here's our guide to prove it. The must-tries, the ones to skip—you're welcome.

Gray Duck tshirt
What? There are things to buy at the Minnesota State Fair that aren't edible? At least one of them is inspired by beer.

Dara drills down her top picks from the Great Minnesota Get-Together. Dig in!

Extreme Canine Stunt Dogs
After your Giant Slide ride, what will you do that's new for kids this year at the State Fair?

The Fair's new West End Market includes two enormous restos and the craziest Grainbelt ever.

What goes down inside the State Fair’s 99-year-old heart of darkness, Ye Old Mill?

Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich, new at MN State Fair 2014
The complete list of all the new foods for 2014 at the Minnesota State Fair.

What the State Fair needs is rides that reflect Minnesota’s true nature.

Few things are more certain than seeing a crying child on Ye Old Mill. So we made a game out of it.