Trial Run: Bike Maintenance

Tune up your two-wheel ride.

Trial Run: Bike Maintenance
Photo by Stephanie Colgan

What: DIY maintenance instruction at the Hub Bike Co-Op

Guinea Pig: Stephanie Wilbur Ash

Why: This bike and body haven’t seen a commute since 2001. Twelve years and 20 pounds later, both need a tune-up.

Our Take: Morgan Pease, who works at the Hub, put my bike on a stand and handed me a greasy screwdriver, and under his guidance I was off—adjusting gear-chain reaction, tightening brake cables, and installing safety lights (a state statutory requirement for night riding or low visibility). Then I had to “true” the front wheel—tighten the spokes until it rotated without wobbling into a brake pad. After 30 minutes and some unprintable expletives from me, Pease finished what I fumbled. “True-ing a wheel is the most technical thing the average rider will do. There’s an art to it,” he said. Truer words were never spoken, and a truer wheel was never spoked.

Small Print: $70 for the Basic Bike Maintenance class. (That’s a good deal; one tune-up by Hub staff is also $70.) 3020 Minnehaha Ave., Mpls., 612-729-0437, thehubbikecoop.org