Best of the Twin Cities 2012: Eat + Drink

From pizza to pancakes, here’s our top food face-offs in old-school versus new school eats. Plus, the best food trend that’s here to stay and the best kids meals in town.

Best of the Twin Cities 2012:  Eat + Drink

We’ve Got Spirits, Yes We Do

Once reserved for Derby season, bourbon has trumped the flavorless, colorless pageant queen that is vodka. It’s a rich new barrel-aged world; get on board.


1212-Butcher_200.jpgButcher & The Boar

Some joints use “bourbon” as a come-on, but these guys walk the walk. The deep, long list delivers various proofs of known brands plus private-label and boutique bottles you won’t find elsewhere and brilliant flights. 1121 Hennepin Ave., Mpls., 612-238-8888,


1212-Cocktail_200.jpgUp in Smoke at The Strip Club

Add the herbaceous liqueur Averna and hickory maple syrup to bourbon and you have simple elegance. The maple edge dresses it up without making it a strumpet. 378 Maria Ave., St. Paul, 651-793-6247,


1212-Bourbon_200.jpgBorder Bourbon

I know you think it has to be made in Bourbon County, Kentucky, to be called bourbon, but that’s a myth. Border Bourbon, from locally owned 45th Parallel Spirits, is made right over the line in Wisconsin. It may be young, but it’s full of oaky, vanilla-scented promise. 45th

Best of the Twin Cities 2012:  Shop + Style

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Best of the Twin Cities 2012:  People

Best of the Twin Cities 2012: People

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Kickin’ It Old-School

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Best of the Twin Cities 2012: Uptown Overhaul

Best of the Twin Cities 2012: Uptown Overhaul

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