Best of Summer Guide 2012

One hundred and five ways to do summer with a splash in the Twin Cities.

Best of Summer Guide 2012

Lake Como

Spend an hour or a day at St. Paul's little urban gem. Circled by 1.67 miles of trails, the lake is great for quick walks, impromptu picnic, kid-friendly bike rides, and spur-of-the-moment canoe trips. And there's much more to explore at the surrounding Como Regional Park.



Conny's Cream Cone
The official soft-serve of the neighborhood, Conny’s opens each season to cheers for the chili dogs and floats. 1197 N. Dale St., 651-488-4150


Maverick's Real Roast Beef
The hands-down, all-time best roast beef sandwiches are served in this little joint. There’s also brisket and roasted turkey, but, oh, the roast beef! 1746 Lexington Ave. N., 651-488-1788

Snuffy's Malt Shop
Juicy burgers, creamy malts, and a kid-worn room that understands that ketchup can be art. 1125 Larpenteur Ave. W., 651-488-0241

Mac’s Fish & Chips
It’s not the d├ęcor that drives you, it’s the impossible crisp they put on fried fish, chicken, and clams that wins. And daily pulled salt-water taffy, for extra points. 1330 Larpenteur Ave. W., 651-489-5299


Nelson Cheese & Deli
Picnic packers should stop here first for deli pickups, local cheese, and fat sandwiches including The Manhattan, an XL order of pastrami and cheese on a hard crust roll. 1562 Como Ave., 651-647-1288


18-hole Golf Course
One of the most scenic golf courses in St. Paul, Como’s 18-hole course doesn’t look hard, but its undulating greens, ample bunkers, and pesky water hazards make it fun to play. 1431 Lexington Pkwy. N., 651-488-9673

Como Lakeside Pavilion
The multipurpose pavilion hosts frequent concerts and plays throughout the summer, offers canoe and paddleboat rental, and serves up ice cream and other fare. 1360 Lexington Pkwy. N., 651-488-4920

Como Zoo & Conservatory
Como Zoo is the go-to zoo for strollers on a budget (it’s free). At the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory, find peace of mind in the Japanese Garden, the Fern Room, or the Orchid House. The Edible Garden opens June 15. 1225 Estabrook Dr., 651-487-8200

Como Town Amusement Park
For generations, St. Paul kids have been bugging their parents for just one more ride in Como Town, where the rides are perfect (that is, fairly tame) for kids younger than 12. 1301 Midway Pkwy., 651-487-2121

Cafesjian’s Carousel
One of the oldest and best-preserved carousels in the country operates in Como Park. Cafesjian’s Carousel has 68 horses and two chariots, and the music emanates from a fully restored Wurlitzer band organ. Rides are $1.50 for everyone, unless you’re older than 90(!), in which case you ride free. 1245 Midway Pkwy., 651-489-4628



Direct your bike (or car—we won’t tell) west on Como Avenue to the charming St. Anthony Park neighborhood, home to the consummate neighborhood bistro Muffuletta (2260 Como Ave., 651-644-9116, muffuletta.com) and a pocket of local retailers. There’s the original Bibelot Shop (2276 Como Ave., 651-646-5651, bibelotshops.com), Peapods Natural Toys and Baby Care (2290 Como Ave., 651-695-5559, peapods.com), and one of the last independent bookstores in town, Micawber’s Books (2238 Carter Ave., 651-646-5506, micawbers.com).


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