All Roads Lead to Fargo

The new TV series based on the Coen brothers movie got us thinking about just how influential the film really was.

Needlepoint image of the FX television series Fargo.
FX Networks

Alright, we admit that all roads don't actually lead to Fargo; mainly just 94W does but if you're willing to bend logic [and the space-time continuum] the influence of the Coen brothers flick that put our cultural quirks on the map is seemingly infinte. So with a new Fargo TV series (check out the trailer below) debuting this month and a new Fargo-inspired movie creating a frenzy on the film fest circuit, we decided now was a pretty good time to explore seven of the most bizarro roads Fargo spawned.


How does the movie's cache of cash buried in a snowbank lead to the death of a real life treasure hunter and in turn to film fest darling Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter? How does Steve Buschemi's subsequent ascension indirectly affect your desire to order deep-dish from DiNoko's? And how does the success of the film lead to the 2013 Nobel Prize in Economics for some U of M-tied economists?

Click on this image for all those answers and more:

Bye, now.