Active Kids Guide

Whatever your kids are into, there's a camp or program to inspire them

The options for enrichment here in the Twin Cities are a boon for both parents and children. Matching activities to a child’s developing interests can help him or her refine an emerging strength, coax out a latent skill, or maybe even spark a passion that lasts a lifetime and even becomes a career. It can be the difference between “It was okay . . .” and “It was so cool!” But how do you decide which classes and camps are the best fit for your child? We asked experts from across the metro area for tips on choosing the right programs and activities.

Cultural Creatives

Is your child curious about other countries around the world? If so, he or she might enjoy a camp focused on language and culture.

Athletes & Sports Nuts

With a camp or class, newcomers can try a sport without the expense or commitment of signing up for a full league.

Scientists & Inventors

Science camps turn science, technology, engineering, and math into kid-friendly activities.

Theater Lovers

Performing arts programs are great for natural entertainers, but even less outgoing kids enjoy them and learn a lot about being part of a group.

Nature Enthusiasts

Nature camps help children understand the world of plants and animals and how they fit into it.

Artists & Dreamers

Art programs are fun for future Picassos and kids who love finger painting.

Performers & Innovators

Some children (and many children’s programs) just don’t fit into tidy categories.

Keeping Kids Healthy

The Twin Cities is home to a variety of world-class hospitals, specialty clinics, and other healthcare facilities for children.