A Match of Wits


Wits started out as a humble experiment, and it still is, if everything goes right. This live, locally produced Minnesota Public Radio show that combines famous comedians, musicians, conversation, and a healthy dose of improv—is the brainchild of host John Moe. Music director John Munson acts as Moe’s comedic sidekick, and together they preside over one of the most interesting and entertaining shows on radio. Wits was so popular locally in the first three seasons that it was picked up for national distribution this year. It’s now on a weekly schedule, with comedians Patton Oswalt, Rob Delaney, and Colin Hanks on tap for May, along with musicians Ben Lee, Neko Case/Kelly Hogan, and Jason Isbell. “Friendly geniuses” are the best guests, says Moe. “It wouldn’t work with jerks.”

Wits live performances are on Friday at 8 pm; the shows are broadcast the following Saturday at 7 pm on MPR (91.1 FM) and Sunday at 9 pm on 89.3 The Current. witsradio.org