Relationship Status: Complicated

Delve into love's complexity with Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater

Big red hearts, love at first sight, sickly sweet candy, and happily ever after—around Valentine’s Day we’re used to saccharine, simplified visions of our favorite passion. But real love isn’t like that. Valentine’s Day not only hides the downside of love—from cruelty and heartbreak to the mess and frustration of a real-life happily ever after—but also misrepresents the upside of love, making a comforting greeting card cliché out of this beautifully strange risk we can’t help but take.

If you’re ready for something different this year, delve into love’s complexity with Stuart Pimsler Dance and Theater’s The Ends of Love, an evening-length look at love that ranges from breathless and breathtaking surges of pure longing, to a Greek chorus cut from funny/sad personal ads, to philosophical takes on what Pimsler calls “that old dilemma.”

Among several newer cast members, keep your eyes out for Brian Evans, who’s been earning applause for the muscular jumps and emotional flights of his dancing. In that regard, he’s a classic SPDT dancer: Strong as this company is, its dancing always aims at more than technique. What Pimsler and his company drive at is connection—and isn’t that what everyone really wants for Valentine’s Day? Feb. 11–13. The Southern Theater, 1420 Washington Ave. S., Mpls., 612-340-1725,