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Our picks from this year's Fringe Festival.
Minnesota Fringe Festival 2014
Erik Stolhanske, Rob Perez, and a Hollywood-tested crew banded together to film a sitcom pilot in Uptown. Here's the skinny.
Rob Perez directing the Minneapolis sitcom West Lake.
Mu Performing Arts takes on the very Scandinavian "A Little Night Music." And why shouldn't they?
by William Randall Beard
Mu Performing Arts'
Not-so-deep thoughts on the Midsummer Classic from a lifelong fan who got behind baseball's velvet ropes.
All-Star Game 2014 at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
The Guthrie promises to treat My Fair Lady right.
by William Randall Beard
Joe Dowling
Have you heard the one about three sisters in a cherry orchard?
by William Randall Beard
Joel Sass
The old Hamm's Brewery finds new life in an unexpected venture: urban agriculture.
Urban Organics
Sometimes you don’t have to be “best” to make a big impact.
blow dry tools
Sparks fly when husband and wife star in Puccini’s tale of jealousy, torture, and murder.
by William Randall Beard
The search for the loneliest butterfly: the Poweshiek skipperling.
MN Butterfly
The 26-year-old champion logroller is also president of her own company.
by Meghan Ruff
Abby Hoeschler's feet on a rolling log
The star of Workaholics, Blake Anderson, took a break from promoting his own line of tees at MOA to talk shop.
by Michelle Doeden
Blake Anderson Workaholics
Todd Walker hits the Northrop bash, the PACER event, and the Great River Gathering.
Todd Walker and Betsy Hodges
We sniff out the best Airbnbs the Midwest has to offer.
by Mo Perry
Red Barn Retreats
A Taste of Minnesota is returning to its roots: lousy bands, greasy food, and a sky full of fireworks.
These three public golf courses won’t disappoint.
Kids golfing
Garrison Keillor attempts to explain how he created such an enduring hit.
Garrison Keillor
Thirty years ago, Purple Rain made Prince a superstar. Here's how a not-so-funky city in the Midwest gave rise to such an iconoclast.
by Dylan Hicks
Prince playing guitar on stage
How a chance encounter in Afton may resurrect an American icon.
by Chris Clayton
Chris Bilska next to his magic elm tree
A chat with Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett of RiffTrax on the occasion of their live rendition of Sharknado.
Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett of RiffTrax
Could the state of MN field its own All-Star team? We had to go back 125 years, but it turns out the answer is yes.
Minnesota All-Star Baseball Team
"The Voice" season six contestant dishes on the show, coach Adam Levine, and what's next.
Kat Perkins
We decided the best way to learn how to properly watch the World Cup was to watch a game with the pros . . . Literally.
World Cup 2014 at the Nomad World Pub in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
What happens when you put the guy who plays Sam 'Pat Swayze' Wheat in "Ghost: The Musical" into another Swayze classic? Only one way to find out.
by Drew Wood and Mark Fischer
Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze in Point Break
Museums + Galleries
This year's "Six McKnight Artists" exhibition at the Northern Clay Center thinks outside the pot.
by Stephanie Xenos
McKnight Fellows at Northern Clay Center