90 Days of Summer: Editors' Picks

Day 24: Summer of the Lobster

Start a new tradition at Smack Shack.

Smack Shack
It’s a New England tradition: As breezy spring gives way to balmy summer, people flock to the coastal beaches like moths to a porch light. They roll out their blankets, swat away the seagulls, and eat plenty of lobster. The ritual comes to the Midwest in the form of North Loop restaurant, Smack Shack, where lobster boils and lobster rolls take precedence on the menu (though there’s even lobster guacamole for revolutionary types). The former food truck’s spacious brick-and-mortar eatery is casual and fun, the perfect place for you to start a summer tradition of your own. 603 Washington Ave. N., Mpls., 612-259-7288, smack-shack.com

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