Twin Cities Children Suffering Through Winter

As the sun sets on our fiftieth day below zero, a look back on what we're calling "The Great Humbling" through the eyes of our innocent children.

  • "Max (2), wanting to be outside but not wanting to wear the appropriate clothing," says mom, Jessica Hilden of Robbinsdale.
  • Gabriel and Josh
    When Gabriel (8) and Josh (15) complain about spending too much time inside, we have them shovel off an area of Lake Minnetonka, dig a hole in the ice with a hand auger, bait a hook with canned corn, and sit on a bucket, hoping for a nibble on the line. It makes sitting inside with a cup of hot chocolate and a book seem exciting," says mom, Kris Bigalk of Minnetonka.
  • Sasha and Jonas Ackerman in Minneapolis
    "Sasha (5) is bummed because Jonas is hogging the Nook," says Alexandra Ackerman, formerly of Minneapolis. "The shadows on the wall are made by paper snowflakes taped to the window. They should really be taken down by now."
  • Emma Montag of St. Cloud
    "This photo of Emma (19) was taken during one of the countless blizzard/winter storms that we had that stranded us in the house. I called it 'Riding the storm out with the help of cats,'" says Susan Montag of St. Cloud.
  • Hazel Turgeon of Minneapolis
    "This photo of Hazel (13 months) was taken at One on One Bike Shop, in Minneapolis. It's a plea to her dad not to take her winter fat-tire biking," says mom, Melissa Turgeon of Minneapolis.
  • Iris of St. Paul
    We think this explains itself. Iris (7), daughter of Heidi Raschke of St. Paul
  • Nicolina Wright of Minneapolis
    In other outerwear news: "Nicolina (2), after being told she has to wear her snowsuit to 'school' because it's so cold. The snowsuit battle is almost a daily occurrence since the arrival of the arctic vortex," says dad, Kevin Wright of Minneapolis.
  • Kristen Winegar of Lakeland says, "While her siblings and cousins got to skate and enjoy part of the winter, Cameron (14 months) remained cold and sad."
  • Charlie Ash
    The position of Charlie (11) on the couch since November. From JuiceBox's own personal collection.
  • Manny Straub of Minneapolis
    "I didn't realize Manny (5) would fall through the snow," says Patricia Straub of Minneapolis.
  • George Schouweiler of St. Paul
    "This was taken on one of the many 'cold' days off from school this January. There have been lots of opportunities for George (8) to build sleeping bag/blanket cartoon-watching yurts this winter," says mom, Susannah Schouweiler of Saint Paul.
  • Rosie Schwoulier of St. Paul
    "Rosie (2) is playing at daycare, completely unconcerned by the alarming business happening around her nose." She's also from Susannah Schwoulier of Saint Paul.
  • "His happiest place is on the ice, no matter how cold. Even waiting for the Zamboni is too long," says Tara Hallberg of Isanti about her son, Craft (9). It's not all doom and gloom, we guess.