SLIDESHOW: Local Barbies Ready for Spring

We asked to see your rattiest Barbies. It's not so pretty in pink. But it's adorable.

  • This is titled “Barbie is Clueless” and was named, styled, and photographed by Heather Sheedy, age eight, of Maple Grove. Nice pink witch cap, Barbie!
  • “This is exactly how I feel on Sunday mornings,” says mom, Amy Pogue Brady, of six-year-old June’s mise-en-scene. This scene took place in Minneapolis.
  • Barbie: "Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. Who's the rattiest of them all?" Mirror: "Well you, of course!” This moment brought to you by Hailey Johnson, age six, of Hudson, Wisc.
  • It’s called “product,” Barbie. Sophie Hanson, age five, made this.
  • “No we’re not in a carpeted living room in Glencoe during the coldest winter in 30 years! We’re in the Caribbean. And we’re mermaids. Deal with it.” Styled by Isobel Woodmanse, age seven.
  • Barbie taking a bath, but that’s not why she’s naked. “She’s always naked since all her clothes have holes,” says mom, Tara Orstad, of Shakopee. Daughters Ava and Samantha (ages five and three) have some shopping to do.
  • Why dream it when you can be it? And your guinea pig Cupcake can too? That’s six-year-old Maila Rogers-Winston's truth.
  • Says mom, Lisa Berg: “Someone cut her ratty hair into some weird art-girl asymmetrical style. To make matters worse she has no dress, no Ken, and no dream house.” And, umm, someone ate her hands. Styled by Stella Nordin, age four, of New London.
  • Hopefully Barbie headed someplace warm for spring break. From Charlotte Roos, age 11, of St. Paul.
  • Not sure those crutches are going to help you, girl. But at least this photo of you won passes to the Barbie Dreamhouse Experience for Claire (age seven) and Mae (age three) LaChance of St. Paul. There’s always a silver lining, Barbie.