Junior Handlers at the Dog Show

The Land O'Lakes Kennel Club Dog Show was held the first weekend in January. Kids came despite the sub-zero temps. They'd do anything for fur-friends, including learn to handle them. Here are four.

  • Stephanie Ash
    Tifani King, age 9, from Coon Rapids, learns from a judge during a seminar for junior handlers. The family German Shepherd is a perfect partner for a beginner.
  • Stephanie Wilbur Ash
    Alison Yoho, age 11, with her golden retriever, Brooke. “A lot of kids play soccer, but this is what she does,” says Alison’s dad, Dar. “Actually, it’s kind of a family thing.” Alison’s sister, Ashley, showed a sheltie at the show. All are from Stillwater.
  • Stephanie Wilbur Ash
    Miya Brown, who just turned 7, with her Pekinese, Francisco. Miya’s mom, Karla Edwards, owns Corralito’s Kennels in River Falls, Wisconsin. Miya and Franscisco earned Best in Breed together in their junior division. (Umm... Are we certain that dog is not a baby Ewok?)
  • Stephanie Wilbur Ash
    Caleb Johnson, age 10, from Rush City, takes tips from a judge. He and Gus, the blue merle smooth collie (and finished champion) pictured, also placed second in juniors. Caleb’s sister, Ari, age 7, also showed a collie—Gus’s stepbrother, Eli. "I am very happy to have my grandchildren showing my dogs and I am very proud of both of their efforts," says grandma Becky Eckstedt, owner of Northern Oaks Collies. Apparently everyone is in on the act!