Local Dogs Dressed for Winter

Sure it’s cold, and dogs need to be protected too, but JuiceBox still isn’t sure if sweaters on our fur babies are for safety or schadenfreude. Either way: Hilarity!

  • Pepper
    Terrier mix Pepper, furbaby to Lori Watzl-King of St. Anthony, is experiencing her first Minnesota winter—in style. “She loves the snow, but not the cold. We have to keep walking when we are out or she starts to shiver, even in her sweater. She’s an Alabama girl!”
  • George
    King cavalier-French bulldog puppy George is not impressed with your winter, says his dad, Brady Bergeson, of Fargo. “He's been playing a lot of fetch in the basement. He's gotten very good at walking on three paws to limit contact with the frozen ground. The other night I'm pretty sure I saw him execute a front handstand (paw stand?).”
  • Luna
    Hairless Chinese crested Luna-tic is surviving “by wearing warm layers of stylish clothes and hanging out by the fireplace,” says mom, Sarah Page, of Bloomington. We bet she’s also binge-watching Sex in the City.
  • Pike
    Pike, a terrier mix, is barely putting up with this crap. “He hates it,” says mom, Melody Heide of Minneapolis. “He will ‘forget’ (even when treats are involved) how to sit, stay, and lay until the sweater comes off.”
  • Amos
    Amos, a pug currently fostered in Apple Valley by Julie Cross, can be heard telling his buddies, “Nothing better than snuggling up in my doggie bed on a cold winter day!” Amos is currently available for adoption from Secondhand Hounds (—he could be snuggling with you!
  • Ferrari Princess
    Mixed breed Ferrari Princess, “is not a big fan of the snow and goes outside as little as possible,” says momma Bethany Madlo of Eden Prairie. Girl, we feel you.
  • Tauntaun
    “This guy was built for this weather!” says Tauntaun’s dad, Luke Skywalker, originally of Tatooine and seen here on Hoth or possibly Lake Minnetonka.
  • Ginger
    Ginger, a young pit bull mix fostered by Kirsten Neilson Dougherty, “survives by dressing for the weather and cuddling with her foster parents and foster brothers.” She’s available for adoption from Wags and Whiskers (, and she is totally adorable.
  • Sherlock
    Mixed breed and goth skater punk Sherlock is “typically a lazy homeboy, but he loves to make new paths in the back yard,” when it snows, says momma Bethany Madlo of Eden Prairie.
  • Eva
    Chiweenie and Florida native Eva Kneivel, furbaby to Erin Scott of Woodbury, “was afraid of snow,” says her mom. “Now she loves it, but her little paws freeze up pretty quickly. I went through countless bootie trials to find something that would help.” Erin landed on Pawz Dog Boots, which she gets on Eva's feet with the help of empty K-cups.
  • Otto
    Otto, a five-year-old beagle mix, was gifted this (unintentionally?) explicit sweater from his momma, Heidi Losleben of St. Paul. Apparently even reindeer do it, and on sweaters, and in threes? Also: Otto refuses to wear it.
  • Otto Again
    Oh, wait: Otto’s momma did get it on him— almost. “He tried to bite me when I put it over his head. No way was I getting his legs through the holes.” Otto might be re-gifting this next year.
  • Daisy
    Texas-born miniature poodle Daisy is surviving her first winter in Minnesota “by keeping her Top Paw snow boots, fleece sweater, and Martha Stewart puffer coat on when outside,” says mommy Amanda Lepinski of Minneapolis. She also gets treats to go potty. Does Martha Stewart get that kind of pampering? Doubt it.
  • Mabel
    Lab Mabel’s antlers are her scarlet letter: “We didn't realize that supplying the neighborhood dogs with more bones only gave Mable an extra challenge to fill her winter boredom,” says momma Shelly Ryan of Mahtomedi. “So far, she's come home with four of them.” For shame, Mabel. For shame.
  • Coco and Chester
    Coco (left) and Chester (right), basset babies of Andrea Lahouze of Hopkins, “enjoy curling up on the couch for a movie and being tucked into their dog beds each night, with blankets,” says mom. To which we say: Who doesn’t?!
  • Stanley
    English bulldog Stanley has momma Amy Senn of Minneapolis sweating winter. “Even on our typical one-block walk he often puts on the brakes halfway around, which requires us to carry his 65-pound frame the rest of the way.”
  • Bennett
    Mixed breed Bennett of Burnsville is pretty straightforward about his needs. “Bennett wears sweaters because it is too damn cold outside,” says mom, Cindy Jensen.
  • Barb
    Erin Madsen of Minneapolis sent along this photo from a steamy boudoir sesh with her greyhound, Barb. Hot stuff even in a sweater, Barb! We heard you were fast, but…
  • Cleo
    And yeah, here’s a cat in a sweater, too—Cleo, furbaby to Anna of Edina. “Cleo survives the winter by eating smoked salmon and catching up on her soaps,” Amy says. She is also plotting Amy’s death.