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Oh Baby!

This upscale store featuring nursery décor, toys, and children's fashions moves to expansive new digs, just down the hall from its original location at the Edina Galleria.

The Oh Baby! flagship store recently moved to expansive new digs just down the hall from its original location at the Edina Galleria. The store didn’t add much to its mix of upscale nursery décor, toys, and children’s fashions in the move. But with 1,500 additional square feet and considerably more elbowroom, the new location is a vastly superior showcase for the owner’s boundless energy and big ideas.


Oh Baby! still stocks covetable kids’ clothes such as miniature track jackets by Ben Sherman and half-pint pairs of Joe’s Jeans. Even so, the most impressive picks continue to come from the expansive line of signature Oh Baby! merchandise. Proprietress Mary Lauer (pictured at top) and her 40-person staff construct 50 percent of the store’s products.

Look for welded lighting fixtures that incorporate vintage toy trucks and train sets—perfect for a little boy’s bedroom—as well as samples of the shop’s custom bedding. One model crib is adorned with a lavish fairy-themed ensemble that incorporates mushroom motifs, appliqué flowers, rhinestones, and pompom edging. “We put it together like a cake,” explains Lauer, noting the decorative exterior and the soft, breathable interior.

Lauer and company also hand-stitch a fair amount of clothing. Their best-known output is an assortment of two-piece T-shirt and legging sets for infants. One of the prettiest versions is embellished with velvety flowers and ribbons, while boy-friendly sets incorporate footballs, lions, and giraffes.

Equal consideration is given to the store’s whimsical fixtures and window dressings: There’s a towering display made from antique school desks; overhead, a series of hanging lanterns made from frothy tutus. Best of all is the pain-stakingly prepared storefront window.

“This is our version of sky,” says Lauer. She smiles proudly as she stands before the display of hand-dyed azure panels, fabric blades of green grass, and planting pots turned into squat, little mushrooms. A few toy monkeys are draped from timber branches, and a smattering of gauzy butterflies and crocheted birds are scattered about. “We’ve been working off the fantastical woodland fairy vibe,” she adds.

Just then, a trio of stroller-pushing adults meanders by. One of the women lifts her eyes to the lively storefront and chirps: “Cute!” Without saying another word, everyone steers themselves in the direction of Oh Baby! and quickens the pace as they head inside.

3545 Galleria, Edina, 952-928-9119