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Tune Up Your Bike

Photo by Steve Henke

We wish it were simple as hopping on your bike on the first warm day of spring—and it is, almost. There are just a few steps between you and a safe ride.

  1. Add air. Duh. Tires can lose a couple pounds of pressure everyday so inflate yours to the pressure recommended on the sidewall. Also check them for wear, slits, or dry rot cracks.
  2. Test your brakes. Lift the bike and spin the wheels one at a time checking for unwanted wheel wobbles or rubbing while applying/releasing the brakes.
  3. Check the quick release. Make sure the lever that connects the center of the hub) the center of the wheel) to the fork/frame is centered and secure. drop it Seriously. Dropping your bike from a couple inches up will let you hear any unusual rattles.
  4. Grease it. Grab an all-purpose cleaner, a rag, and a toothbrush and give your bike a once-over. It’ll make it look shiny and prolong the life of the components. When you’re done, use a bike lubricant (we like Finish Line Dry) on the chain, derailleurs, cranks and pedals.

Need a handy tear-sheet of what to do? We've got that, too.