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75 Best Places for Kids

75 Great Places to Go & Things to Do with the Kids

Sarah Huss: Urbanite

Family: Husband Joe; kids TJ 8 and Belae 5; and 10-year-old golden retriever Sam

Lives: In a modern house in Linden Hills. We live pretty simple and wanted our house to be simple and clean—no fuss.

Drives: Cadillac SUV

Job: Homemaker

Workout: Run and bike around Lake Harriet.

Family Outings: Live music at Lake Harriet Band Shell, Twins games, and Creative Kidstuff and Wild Rumpus in Linden Hills.

Dining With Kids: Great Harvest Bread Co.

Top Shops: Heinrich + Schultz for home accessories; J. Novachis, Bluebird, and Nordstrom for clothes; and Whole Foods and Lunds for groceries.

Weekday Dinner: Pork tenderloin and rice.

Can’t Live Without: Quang Restaurant’s Vietnamese spring rolls and soup.

Getaways: Cabin in Hayward, Wisconsin, or anywhere sunny and 80 degrees.

Candy Advice: Sugar Sugar has the best gummy worms ever," says Sarah Huss, who doesn't worry too much about her kiddos' teeth rotting. "I'm an oral surgeon," deadpans her husband, Joe. "I can always pull 'em out."

Major Mom Moment: I am adopted from Vietnam, and I came to the USA when I was 4 ½. Until then, I was raised in an orphanage by a pastor and several other wonderful people. This past March, we all went to Vietnam. My kids got to see Vietnam and meet the pastor. Pretty cool for my kids and me.

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Caryn Mead Kelly: Stylemaker

Family: Husband Bill Kelly and twin 7-year-old girls Isabelle (Belle) and Adeline (Addie)

Lives: East Edina through and through, two blocks from the house I grew up in and three blocks from my parents. Everything can be done within five miles of my home. I hardly ever go through a tank of gas.

Drives: Buick Enclave

Job: I own Melly in the Galleria with my mom.

Workout: The Fixx Workout Studio–owner Christy Dalton is a fellow woman entrepreneur.

Working Mom Moment: My kids are often a fixture in the store. I treasure them wanting to be around it all! They have never missed an event, have logged countless hours in the dressing room, and have had to scrub the floor a time or two! It truly takes a village.

Sound Advice: There is no work-life balance when you are working full-time and running a household. Anyone who thinks they have it is lying to you . . . As a driven mother, you want to be successful at it all, and it is not possible. Raising accomplished kids who understand the work ethic of their mother is what you should stive for.

Top Shops: Twill, Pumpz & Co., Hammer-Made, Gabberts, Lucy, Creative Kidstuff–you really never need to leave the Galleria!

Wardrobe Staple: A Lilly Pulitzer Murfee scarf—the bright colors brighten up your face in any season!

Marriage Mantra: Bill and I will be married 13 years this summer. We love to laugh, and at the end of the day, everything we do is for each other.

Downtime: With as much as we both work and travel, we try to have family time on the weekends. We love to entertain; we have other families over for dinner a lot.

Getaways: I love to travel. Family vacations are not optional.

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