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Cultural Creatives

Is your child curious about other countries around the world? Does she like hearing and telling stories? How about eating adventurously? If so, he or she might enjoy a camp focused on language and culture. At Concordia Language Village, kids choose from among 15 different cultures including French, Japanese, Chinese, German, and others. Kids learn the native language while eating authentic foods and engaging in activities inspired by native cultures including art projects, music, and skits.

“Language village sort of transports you to a new place,” says Vanessa Hughes, assistant director of marketing for Concordia Villages, which is based in Moorhead but offers camps in Bemidji and elsewhere throughout the state, including the metro. Some campers want to learn more about their own family’s heritage. High school kids may be able to earn language credits.

Attending a language camp is “kind of like the experience you get when you’ve gone abroad and you come home,” Hughes says. “You have that extra perspective. You just look at the world differently.”

And when the camp is over, you can help your child sustain those feelings by attending cultural events, movies, and restaurants, Hughes says. “You’ll see their interests broaden; they become more outgoing, and they’re more apt to try new things.”

Where To Discover Culture

Concordia Language Villages

The most extensive language and cultural immersion program in the United States. Ages 2–18, several locations, 800-222-4750,

The International School of Minnesota

Culture-based summer programs on 55 acres. Ages 3-1/2 to sixth grade, Eden Prairie, 912-918-1828,

Minnesota History Center

Events, exhibits, and outreach celebrating Minnesota history and diversity including the Global Hotdish Variety Show. St. Paul, 651-259-3000,

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