Room Service

The owners of lingerie boutique Room No. 3 in Edina give us an intimate peek at each of their own homes.

  • Room No. 3 Co-owners Beth Griesgraber and Jessica Strong
    Photo by Eliesa Johnson
    Co-owners and close friends Beth Griesgraber and Jessica Strong.
  • Co-owners of Room No. 3 in Edina
    Photo by Eliesa Johnson
    The calming atmosphere at Room No. 3 has a lot to do with the peaceful palette Beth and Jessica chose. Both women are drawn to neutrals and filled the shop with soft whites, nudes, taupes, and grays.
  • Room No. 3
    Photo by Eliesa Johnson
    A clean backdrop in Room No. 3 allows accent colors and textural elements to easily change things up.
  • Jessica Strong with her three children, Saunder, Asher, and Avery
    Photo by Eliesa Johnson
    Jessica with her three children, Saunder, Asher, and Avery, in their remodeled 1912 house in Linden Hills.
  • Jessica Strong's Bedroom
    Photo by Eliesa Johnson
    In Jessica Strong's house, the bedroom stays neutral for an easy switch between airy and light during summer months, and layered cozy in winter.
  • Jessica Strong's living room
    Photo by Eliesa Johnson
    Jessica's kids play the baby grand piano every day. Greens in the living room reflect the season.
  • Beth Griesgraber and son
    Photo by Eliesa Johnson
    Beth with her son James in her 1920s two-story home on East Isles.
  • Beth Griesgraber's kitchen
    Photo by Eliesa Johnson
    A desk built into Beth's kitchen provides a spot for grocery lists and the like.
  • Photo by Eliesa Johnson
    There are no cabbage roses to be found, but sea glass-tinted tiles bring a vintage feeling to Beth's kitchen.
  • Beth Griesgraber's living room
    Photo by Eliesa Johnson
    Beth's living room reflects her love of architectural salvage pieces and vintage fabrics.
  • Beth Griesgraber's bathroom
    Photo by Eliesa Johnson
    A vintage coat rack holds towels and bathrobes in Beth's master bathroom.
  • Beth Griesgraber's dining room
    Photo by Eliesa Johnson
    A round wooden pedestal table anchors Beth's dining room, surrounded by white, easy-to-wash slipcovered chairs.

When Beth Griesgraber and Jessica Strong envisioned the space for their lingerie and loungewear boutique at 50th and France, they had grand plans. “We wanted working fireplaces in both dressing rooms!” Beth says, laughing. “That was not in our budget,” Jessica adds.

The co-owners and close friends, who met while working at another retailer before opening Room No. 3, have enjoyed a successful three-year run, filling a hole in the local luxury undergarment category. Their Edina shop dons a stunning whitewashed interior, with a look and tone that changes with the seasons from snowy Aspen chalet to beachside Hamptons retreat. Up front is a living room for guests to settle into, with a Queen Anne–style couch and chair facing a non-working mantle that was salvaged from Architectural Antiques. Demure underpinnings from Stella McCartney, Mimi Holliday, and Chantelle hang temptingly from a clothesline, but more often than not, customers come in for something in addition to that lacy bra or camisole. They want a piece of the living room vignette as well, be it a glass cloche or a garden stool. And what’s an everyday surprise to shoppers is that everything in the store is for sale, from the cashmere pants to the overdyed rugs to the carved-wood mirrors.

“We want people who may not shop for lingerie to linger and find a treasure to take home no matter what, like it’s a souvenir from a trip,” says Beth. The pair, who regularly vacation together with their families, named the store after the idea of going on holiday and checking into Room No. 3—with your favorite bra, cashmere sweater, and fragrant candle in your suitcase.

In their homes, Beth and Jessica have such similar styles to their shop that it looks as if they swept through all three locations at once with the same gray and white paint, linen furnishings, and silver and glass accents. Both women have sunrooms with deep lounge-like couches and an abundance of down pillows. Both chose round wooden pedestal tables for their dining rooms with white, slipcovered chairs.

“I just love slipcovers,” says Beth, who recently purchased a 1920s two-story home on East Isles with her fiancé James Boucher, a manager at the IT staffing firm Apex, and her son James, 7. Almost every seat on the first floor has its own easy-to-wash white cover made locally by Joe, The Slipcoverman. Beth’s mother, who worked at the Holly Hunt showroom at IMS for many years, helped spark her daughter’s interest in home décor and a creative approach for finding new uses for old things—such as the antique coat rack in the bathroom where she hangs towels and robes.

Jessica and her husband Jason Strong, the creative director at Latitude, live with their three children, Saunder, 11, Asher, 5, and Avery, 9, in a remodeled 1912 house in Linden Hills. One of the first things you notice is a beautiful white baby grand piano in the living room, which the kids play every day. Ideas from Room No. 3 abound: a large chalkboard wall off her kitchen displays quotes just like in their fitting rooms, while a vintage floor-to-ceiling mirror upstairs feels of the same vein as the tall mirrors propped up around the store. “Our home is largely neutral because it’s easy to make it fresh and airy in the spring and summer, and warm and cozy in the fall and winter,” Jessica says. “Like we do at Room."