Urban Containment

Two city gardens—one beautiful, one edible— demonstrate their command of containers.

An Edible Sanctuary
Photo by Craig Bares

Best Bets

MacDonald recommends these eats:

• Franklin Brussels Sprouts. “Very sweet and early to mature. We freeze them and eat them all winter.”
• Delicata Squash (early variety). “We roast them with the skin on, drizzled with a bit of good balsamic vinegar.”
• Minnesota Midget Melon. “An heirloom variety. We pick them in the morning and eat them for breakfast with a bit of yogurt. We didn’t grow them last year. Big mistake.”
• Flash Collard Greens. “They reliably overwinter in our garden with minimal protection and provide some of the first harvests in the spring when fresh produce from the garden is hard to come by.”
• Habanero Peppers. “We had a bumper crop two summers ago, and I made my own hot sauce that we are still working on.”
• Broccoli Raab. “An early season green. Unlike normal broccoli, you eat the leaves and the shoots.”
• Ground Cherries. “They keep a really long time if you leave the husks on.”