Made For TV

Andrew Flesher • Designer and Reality TV Star

  • Andrew Flesher sitting in a chair
    Photos by Rau + Barber
    The one-bedroom apartment is a testament to Andrew’s chair obsession and an eclectic art collection—mostly from the MCAD art sale.
  • Andrew sitting on couch
    Photos by Rau + Barber
  • leather bed with blue pillows
    Photos by Rau + Barber
  • living room with wooden furniture
    Photos by Rau + Barber
    Getting back to antiques and wood furniture, Andrew shops locally at H&B Gallery and Claire Steyaert Antiques.
  • Andrew in the living room
    Photos by Rau + Barber
    When it comes to floral arrangements, the designer recommends sticking with one kind of flower.
  • bowl of apples, bottle of liquor on counter
    Photos by Rau + Barber
    An old swinging door connects the dining room to the small kitchen, where white subway tile is contrasted with a dark gray grout.
  • Front entry of house
    Photos by Rau + Barber
    Andrew coming home to 510 Groveland. He outfitted his entry with platinum paper, which, like most areas of his ”work in progress,” he now plans to change to something more neutral.

The always dapper Andrew Flesher recently appeared in Mpls.St.Paul Home & Design’s Design 100 issue for his unexpected way of blending vintage and modern through design. Now the designer will soon be in living rooms across the country. He’s slated to be a contestant on a new NBC reality show hosted by Nate Berkus called American Dream Builders, which airs this spring. Nate personally suggested Andrew to be one of the show’s 12 designers and builders who compete in each episode for the spotlight and best design—likely along with a lot of drama. “I stayed out of the drama!” Andrew says. “I’m not doing this to be famous; it sort of just fell into my lap. How can you turn down that adventure? I just hope the exposure gives me access to broader, exciting projects.” Between filming in L.A., working here and in New York, and spending time with his partner, Robert Pietronuto, he’s also been busy redecorating his one-bedroom home. After years of loft living where he “felt like a speck watching TV,” he’s traded modern dwellings for the classic architecture and moldings at 510 Groveland. As he designs and redesigns, he’s ditching “pops of color” for a palette of Swedish neutrals and swapping “overplayed” modern classics for antiques and contemporary pieces. While watching him fine-tune his home is thoroughly entertaining, it’s only a matter of days before we get to see him in action on Sunday night prime time, where he’ll design, speed-shop, and get made fun of for his Minnesota accent. Can this guy cut it in the big leagues? You betcha.

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