Home Tours 2012

Tour six houses full of creative people and energy for our ninth-annual Home Tours edition.

Home Tours 2012
Photographs by Steve Henke


Pam Mondale


Mondale made the shell mirror. She decorated the room with even more shells and a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk from Guild. The sofa previously had a cocoa chenille slipcover, which her college-age daughter generously donated to Goodwill without permission.

INSIDE PAM MONDALE'S STORE, Guild Collective, on Excelsior Boulevard in St. Louis Park, you’ll find an evolving mix of artisan and vintage goods reflecting the creative people who sell them. Likewise, the interior of Mondale’s white Colonial on France Avenue is full of personality. Mondale, who bought the house 20 years ago, says, “I’m not a two-story Colonial kind of girl, so the animal print wallpaper went up in the hallway in 1992.”

Since then, she’s raised three kids and one pug, and now, newly single, her life and home are ever changing. The one constant is her screen porch, her favorite part of the house, where she’s usually found with her friends and coworkers at the end of the day. “These women in Guild have gotten me through this transition and what could have been a difficult time,” Mondale says. “We’re all morphing, experimenting, and growing.”

When it comes to running Guild, which celebrates three years this fall, and decorating at home, Mondale says you have to keep a vision. Hers is bright and eclectic with many things from the store—a place she hesitates to call work. “It’s so cliché, but find something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

We’re Mad For …

An antique head found in China from designer Robb Whittlef.
Antlers from her shop are displayed on animal print wallpaper from Hirshfield’s.
A longtime home perk: 20 years of heights marked on a doorway.
A typical afternoon for Mondale (center) is spent hanging out on the porch and playing Scrabble with friends and coworkers.The screen porch is decorated with garage sale finds, furniture from Guild, and Mondale’s grandmother’s sideboard next to a pass-through window, which is ideal for entertaining or tossing treats to Sammy the pug. The sunroom is done in turquoise, Mondale’s favorite color, which she calls “Grandma B blue,” from childhood memories at her family cottage. The pillows are from Guild.