Home Tours 2012

Tour six houses full of creative people and energy for our ninth-annual Home Tours edition.

Home Tours 2012
Photographs by Steve Henke


Peter and Elizabeth Grande


Elizabeth (Gummy) and Peter Grande with daughter Daisy, son Ford, and dogs Margaux and Whitney in the family room, where old chintz couches (family hand-me-downs) were refreshed with white slipcovers from Target.

ON A MONDAY MORNING, PETER AND ELIZABETH GRANDE are juggling their two kids, Daisy and Ford, and their two dogs while sipping coffee, making bottles, and shuffling beer. Peter’s been up most of the night at the Fulton taproom, where their popular craft beer is brewed onsite and served to fans steps away from Target Field—a major leap from Fulton’s humble start in a Minneapolis garage just three years ago.

When asked if they ever stop and say, “I can’t believe we did this!” Elizabeth smiles and says, “Every day.” Fortunately the couple, who met in junior high in Edina, has most of their family nearby to cheerlead the new business and help mind the kids. “It’s all hands on deck all the time,” Elizabeth says.

Most of the daily chaos is contained on a large table calendar, which notes everything from preschool events to Peter’s whereabouts to nights when Elizabeth will be managing the taproom. At their Edina home (which used to belong to Peter’s parents), they’ve decorated with kids and dogs and entertaining in mind. Recently they hosted a low-country boil for the Fulton Beer family, and there are talks of building a cold room in the basement. Until then, they’re happy kicking back with a cold Sweet Child of Vine and enjoying rare quiet moments together.

We’re Mad For . . .

Antique birdcages found on Etsy
The growler—first drink the beer, then turn it into a vase.
The family calendar, too big to lose.
Peter and daughter Daisy enjoy cold drinks on the front patio. Ford snuggles on his rocking couch backed by a hunting-inspired screen found at a garage sale just days after he was born. The traditional dining room table is a $200 refinished estate sale find, and Elizabeth scored the acrylic Louis ghost chairs on clearance at Macy’s. “They’re super easy to clean,” she says, “but if you’re wearing a skirt, you can slide right off after a cocktail.”