Home Tours 2011: Kris Humphries


  • Steve Henke
    Humphries's favorite piece of furniture? His poker tableā€“he plays with former Hopkins High School classmates. (Kim preferred Scattegories.)
  • Steve Henke
    The showpiece of Humprhies's open kitchen is the glass and stainless steel backsplash he recently added. On the shelves: a bound collection of Grandma's Greatest Recipes, including one for mashed potato casserole.
  • Steve Henke
    "I'm learning about art. I'm not sure what I like yet," says Humphries, who enjoys watching home-decorating shows with constant companions Gizmo, a Yorkshire terrier, and Brodi, a miniature Doberman pinscher.

Kris Humphries: NBA Up-and-Comer and Kim Kardashian Hubby Ex-Hubby

Home: Lake Minnetonka three-level walkout

The Draw: He grew up on Chaska's Lake Minnewashta and enjoys lake living.

Since bestowing a $2 million ring on the current queen (or would that be Kueen?) of reality TV, the tabloids have tracked Kris Humphries to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, and Bora Bora. But while Kim Kardashian tended to wedding details this summer (“That’s women’s stuff,” the 6'9" NBA pro quips with a sly smile), Humphries was fishing off the 38-foot Wellcraft he docks right out his back door on the shores of Lake Minnetonka.

Humphries—voted 2004 Big Ten Freshman of the Year when he played for the Gophers—rented an apartment in New Jersey while playing for the Nets. He bought a home in Mound, where he spends much of the off-season. “I always want to have a house here and spend as much time here as possible,” says Humphries, whose tight-knit family lives in Minnesota.

His mom, Debra, helped Humphries decorate the open main-floor living space with a sleek leather sofa, Restoration Hardware Aviator Chairs, and art from Water Street Gallery. Still, the vibe is pure bachelor pad, with a ping-pong table in the dining room and a framed Goodfellas poster on the wall.

“You know Will Smith’s apartment in that movie, Hitch? I wanted the place to look like that,” Humphries says.

Of course, that was before the wedding. His bride may be looking for a project once the thank-you notes are written.