Stylish Study Break

Three homework spaces get designer treatment.

  • Designer Renae Keller created “on-the-go” workstations with storage under a window seat and built-in desks where kids can easily access chargers, cords, art supplies, and schoolbooks.
  • In the North Loop’s new Brunsfield residences, designer Cy Winship turned a hallway into an eye-catching workspace, complete with Orla Kiely wallpaper. “It’s controlled and compact,” Winship says.
  • For this kids’ study, Martha O’Hara Interiors used chalkboard, corkboard, and a mix of open and closed storage space to “display the fun stuff and hide the rest.” 

Forget the paneled library room, what’s really hot right now is the homework nook. Even more so than a bedroom desk space, the current trend is to turn a bedroom, hallway, mudroom, or underutilized corner of a family room into a dedicated homework area. “We’re noticing that kids’ studies are often created close to the kitchen so that parents can keep an eye on studying without having kids directly underfoot,” says interior designer Elizabeth Darth of Martha O’Hara Interiors. The key is to find a space with few distractions, create a good work surface, add lots of storage, and make sure there’s ample space to display work, be it drawings, essays, or that extra special report card. You get homework off the kitchen table and they get an area to love.

—Jennifer Blaise Kramer