Room for Creativity

Martha O'Hara Interiors transforms a craft room

  • Pretty Papers:
    Change your gift wrap display to match your mood and the season. Gift wrap, from Paper Source, 3048 Hennepin Ave. S., Mpls., 612-377-0700,
  • Oodles of Ribbons:
    Make a big satin bow your gift-giving signature. Ribbons ($2.49–$9.99), from The Container Store, 3825 Gallagher Dr., Edina, 952-831-3780,
  • Lined Baskets:
    Sorting laundry is easier when everyone has his or her own basket. Lined Makati Baskets ($24.99–$29.99), also from The Container Store
  • Constant Companions:
    This is one dog who won’t eat your art project. Pewter dog ($76), from Martha O’Hara Interiors Showroom, 6900 Oxford St., St. Louis Park, 952-224-4117,
  • Tools on Display:
    Keep glue and paintbrushes at the ready. Heritage Hill Jar ($14.19), from Target,
  • Personal Touches:
    Display a photo of your favorite creative muse. Picture frame ($55), also from Martha O’Hara Interiors Showroom

Project: A multi-purpose Minnetonka craft/laundry room
Designer: Annie Graunke, Autumn Muldowney, and Jayme Meyer of Martha O’Hara Interiors
Architect: Kathy Alexander
Builder: Denali Custom Homes
Why We Love It: We fantasize about being organized.

By its very nature, creativity is unruly. Zany crayons with names such as atomic tangerine and electric lime refuse to stay in their original box. Tall sentinels of wrapping paper do their best to keep order, but boisterous ribbons gleefully unroll themselves while obstinate glue sticks throw their caps on the floor. Instead of trying to coerce creativity to live peacefully in a corner of the kitchen or home office, it’s much easier and far more satisfying to simply give it a room of its own. When Landyn Hutchinson wanted her own craft/laundry room, she asked the design team at Martha O’Hara Interiors for a space that would make Martha Stewart jealous. They responded with storage, storage, and more storage, plus stations devoted to wrapping gifts, arranging flowers, making crafts, folding laundry, and other creative endeavors. We can only imagine that the original domestic diva is electric lime with envy. 

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