Picture Perfect Wallpaper

Whether its nature-inspired prints or family portraits, we love this fun, affordable, and easy-to-install look.

    New Era and HP Wall Art (, launched this fall
    To get the right scale and size for your room, work with (and order through) a local designer–it will save you a bundle! 4walls Digital wallcoverings, available through Hirshfield's Design Resource (612-374-8901,
    Triplets wallpaper (, as seen on HGTV's Home by Novogratz
    Novogratz image by Matthew Williams

Wallpaper may have peaked in its role as the comeback kid (although we could argue that it’s here to stay like premium denim), but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing new about it. Black-and-white photo wallpaper works wonders as the focal point for a room–whether as a nature-inspired mural or a blow-up of a photograph that captures a favorite moment.

Best of all, photo wallpaper is affordable and simple to install. The options are endless: You can choose from an array of gorgeous professional shots or upload your own snaps. That means you’re in luck whether you want the Stone Arch Bridge in your living room or portraits of the grandkids in a playroom.

“Photo wallpaper is a conversation piece, a way to inexpensively create something that has a temporary life to it but is extremely impactful,” says architect and designer Shawn Gaither, an owner of Studio Hive in Minneapolis.

While wallpaper used to mean making a scary long-term commitment, many of the new photo wallpapers can be installed—and uninstalled—without hassle. Thanks to user-friendly products (such as New Era and HP’s Wall Art shown in bedroom above) anyone can put up photo paper wallpaper with a little water—no paste, no bubbling—and then take it off without damaging the wall.

So, go ahead, and embrace the new look. And why not switch it out every season?