Moss Envy

Local green-retail vets Tina and Ryan North bring us a grown-up version of green.

The green movement has many admirable qualities, but it also has side effects: information overload, green guilt, not to mention confusion—navigating the organic/sustainable/natural terminology alone can be enough to give you a headache. Which is why walking into Moss Envy feels like a breath of fresh, eco-friendly air. The new storefront on Excelsior Boulevard is clean, open, and approachable—like someone else did the research and laid everything out in pretty vignettes so that all you, the shopper, have to do is say, “There, I want that.”

Like true tree-huggers, owners Tina and Ryan North have recycled aspects of their previous Minneapolis stores—Re Gifts and Twin Cities Green—into something even better. Gone is the Uptown edge of Twin Cities Green, replaced by a more refined feel. “We wanted to keep our mission and keep all the inner workings the same but change the shell a little bit—make it more approachable,” says Tina.

The move to Excelsior Boulevard also welcomes expanded inventory, including eco-friendly clothing and building materials, such as recycled countertops and flooring. If all this sounds too crunchy-granola, fret not: The store has a grown-up sense of green, so the products don’t sacrifice style or function. Dishes may be made of recycled glass, but they look darn pretty in a place setting. You’ll also find gorgeous wood furniture, organic mattresses, safe-for-you kitchenware, kids’ toys, and beauty products—all with the owners’ green stamp of approval. 3056 Excelsior Blvd., Mpls., 612-374-4581,

Things We Like...


The divine-smelling Farmhouse line of laundry soaps and laundry sachets ($6.95).


Cute, locally crafted clutches and purses ($14–$69) made from upholstery samples.


Pop Opaque Glass dishes ($17 per dinner plate), made in Spain from recycled glass.