Forage Modern Workshop

Discover the next generation of furniture designers in Longfellow.


Nailing that place between novel and polished, quirky and classic, Forage Modern Workshop is poised to become an incubator for modern home design in the Twin Cities. Owners Michael Smith and James Brown are contractors who have had a hand in creating and restoring many residential and commercial properties in town, including their Longfellow neighbor, Blue Door Pub. Along the way, they’ve become fans of locally produced furniture lines such as Squared Furniture, Loll, and Eastvold. Haven’t heard of them? Just wait.

“A lot of our local start-ups are crossing their fingers that Design Within Reach will pick them up,” says Forage business manager Rebekah Cook. It’s a problem this indie shop welcomes.

Forage cultivates its own look by mixing local with established lines (Elli Popp wallpaper, Areaware accessories) and vintage (pristine Eames chairs). Old and new, high and low—it’s the way most homes come together. The passionate staff has a story to tell about virtually every object on the floor.

Go hungry: Forage shares space with Parka, the buzzed-about new restaurant from the men behind Victory 44, Rustica Bakery, and Dogwood Coffee. —A.K. 4023 E. Lake St., Mpls., 612-886-3603,