Faux Real

Made you look twice? These beautiful buds are not the real thing.

Faux Flowers from Wisteria
Photo by Becca Sabot
Custom floral arrangement by Wisteria, 275 Market St., Mpls., 612-332-0633,; prices start at $5 per faux silk stem

Seasonal, beautiful, artful, fake. “Permanent Floral” is the term now trending in the flower business. Definitely not the dusty carnations with bright plastic buds, these beauties are legit. When done right they’re genius for anyone needing long-lasting centerpieces or fuss-free d├ęcor that won’t wilt while you’re on spring break. At Wisteria Design Studio, the silk varieties look nearly identical to the fresh. Artistic director Russell Toscano consults with clients on design preferences and then forgets all about the fake factor. “I arrange them as if they are real flowers,” says Toscano. “I create that base of foliage and the focal point just like when I am designing with fresh flowers. The end result is, they look real.”