Cultural Cloth

Find Textiles from around the world in Maiden Rock.


Two artists and an entrepreneur from Orono bonded over their love of travel and woven arts. They visited far-off villages where women create looms by tying straps to tree trunks. They helped fine-tune the villagers’ design techniques. They began bringing product back to Minnesota and selling it at house parties and eventually at small trunk shows at International Market Square. A few months ago, they opened a gallery of their own, Cultural Cloth in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin, near the home of their “chief visionary,” artist MaryAnne Wise. Her partners are fellow textile artist Jody Slocum and Kaylen Whitmore, who handles marketing.

The trio identified women in third-world villages familiar with traditional patterns and capable of intricate, high-quality work which has already caught the eye of curators from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and Mayo Clinic. Blankets from Bolivia, pillows from Pakistan, felted wool rugs and wall hangings from Peru and Guatemala—every object has a story that starts with a woman who might not even have clean water. “We’re not in this to fundraise,” Wise says. “Women all along the food chain need to make a living. That’s what we’re striving for.” The store is open Friday through Sunday.

Cultural Cloth
W3557 Hwy. 35,
Maiden Rock,