Blue Crush

Where: Edina | Designer: Kerry Ciardelli

Patricia Engle in her Edina Kitchen, designed by Kerry Ciardelli of Victory Home & Interiors
Room Photo by Steve Hanke

Last year, Patricia and Ryan Engle fell for a home in Edina with a welcoming open kitchen that was well planned, highly functional for their busy family of six, and connected to an informal dining area. With no need to move appliances or rearrange the layout, the couple simply aimed to shift from a traditional look to a more modern style. They hired designer Kerry Ciardelli, who owns Victory Home & Interiors, to give the kitchen a refresh in whites, blues, brass, and plenty of glam.

“We wanted to lighten up the room and really invest in making it our style, as we knew we would spend much time in the kitchen. As a result, our first step was changing the light fixtures above the center island into the bright, bold centerpieces that they are,” says Patricia. Next, they painted the cabinets white, which brightened the space and made the existing navy AGA range really pop.

Working off the blue and white color scheme, Ciardelli chose four navy-studded bistro barstools and brought in pattern through rugs, chinoiserie, and window treatments.

“Because the kitchen was so large, it was screaming for a stunning fabric—I wanted it to be traditional with a fresh, modern feel,” Ciardelli says.

Adding in brass hardware gave more of that timeless appeal, while other glamorous details, such as repotting everyday window herbs in gold pots, elevated the overall design.

“Kerry has a way of maintaining the warmth of the home while making it polished and elegant at the same time,” says Patricia. “She balances colors and materials and adds a final touch of voilĂ  that completes the room.”




Custom Shades: “Since the window treatments did not need to be functional, I designed a simple header, crisp and tailored with a pleat at each break in the bank of windows to showcase the fabric and warm up the room,” Ciardelli says. Katsugi in Blues fabric ($200/yard), through Schumacher, 275 Market St., Mpls., 612-338-6434,


Chic Chinoiserie: To fill the empty spaces, Ciardelli used blue and white ceramics in a variety of sizes, which look traditional and timeless but “unexpected” in the kitchen. Accents ($22-$675), through Victory Home & Interiors, 3505 W. 44th St., Mpls., 612-926-8200,


Bistro Barstools: A classic design that’s super functional and cleanable. “This is where the children gather to do homework and eat their snacks and many small meals, so being able to wipe them down was a must,” says Ciardelli. Riviera counter stool ($295), from Serena and Lily,

Brass Hicks PendantBold Pendants: An instant and dramatic swap, three large Hicks pendants are what designer Kerry Ciardelli calls the real eye candy. Hicks pendants ($750), also from Victory