Where the Experts Shop: An Insider's Guide to Antiques, Vintage, and Midcentury

Shopping vintage is all about knowing the 65 best places to go and when to strike.

Nate Berkus in his West Village apartment
Photo By: Robert Ascroft

The most envied homes and wardrobes feel as though they’ve been assembled over time. Often, they have. But it’s also possible to create a layered, one-of-a-kind look by taking advantage of the Twin Cities’ many standout antique and vintage stores. No one knows that better than designer, TV personality, and avid collector Nate Berkus, whose latest book is The Things That Matter. Some of the TC native’s favorite things are little treasures he collected as a boy, hunting through antique stores in Hopkins and Stillwater. His design and shopping philosophy can be summed up like this: “If your mother gave you a teapot, it should sit out. If she didn’t, you should get one.” We hunted down the best spots to do just that.