Walls: Let It Be House

2215 S. Bryant St. in Minneapolis is remembered as The Replacements' album cover.

2215 S. Bryant St., Mpls.
Photo by Cameron Wittig

If these walls could talk. Photographer Daniel Corrigan hadn’t been back to 2215 Bryant since he climbed up its roof in the fall of 1983 to shoot The Replacements. “I went to high school in Stillwater with their manager Dave Ayers,” the 55-year-old remembers. “He said they had this new record coming out and they needed a cover.”

Tommy and his big brother Bob Stinson lived at 2215 with their mother, Anita. Sometimes the band practiced in the basement. Corrigan’s shot of the Stinson boys sitting on the roof outside Tommy’s bedroom with Paul Westerberg and Chris Mars became the cyan-toned cover to Let It Be, the band’s first great album.

The iconic image wasn’t Corrigan’s first choice. “The band was really hard to shoot—really squirrely and kinda janky,” he says. “Almost impossible to get them all together standing still.”

His first attempt at a cover shoot was before a show at Coffman Union. “I told them I had some coke but it was up in one of the offices, so they had to take this elevator with me.” As soon as they were going up, he stopped the car and snapped away until they figured out his ruse.

Ayers didn’t like the elevator shots, so Corrigan tried the Bryant house. It worked. “And I never had any coke,” Corrigan says. “I don’t think Paul has ever forgiven me for that.”

—Steve Marsh