Inside the 2014 Showcase Home

Meet the Olsons. This is their home. Come on in!

Jayne Haugen Olson explains why she let a crew of designers take over her home for one very hectic spring.

2014 ASID MN Showcase Home living room
An expansive look at the completed 2014 ASID MN Showcase Home and the bold design thinking that got it there.

Jayne Haugen Olson
Meet Jayne Haugen Olson, look into the process of creating a Showcase Home, and hear about the inspiration you might find while touring it.

2014 ASID MN Showcase Home Kitchen
How do you create a glamorous kitchen that's equal parts him and her?

Neon painted sunroom
Subtle touches of bright color bring a modern, fresh look to the Showcase Home—and your house too.

Brass accessories
Brass and gold home accessories are everywhere lately—including this year's Showcase Home. See the rooms and get the looks.

Tips, wisdom, and insider advice to make the most of your redesign.